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Nerd Nite #42* – SOLD OUT

Our next event, Nerd Nite #42 is happening at WURST on March 21:

When: Thursday, March 21, 2019 (Doors open at 6:00pm, talks start at 7:00pm)
Where: WURST (2437 4 St SW)
Tickets: $10 plus fees – SOLD OUT (waitlist available on Eventbrite)

This is an 18+ event.

City Fibre as a Sensor
Rob Ferguson, PhD, P. Geoph, Principal Investigator, City Fibre as a Sensor (CFaaS)
Associate Professor of Geophysics, Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary

The re-purposing of an oilfield technology called Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) allows us to visualized all natural and anthropomorphic motion at street level. Designed monitor the sound of gasses leaking from pipelines, DAS is simply a high-stability laser plus photo-detector attached to one end of a fibre optic line wrapped around pipe. Leaks hiss, and the hiss stresses the fibre and reveals the position of leak. In 2017, we connected a DAS unit to a City of Calgary telecom fibre that follows the LRT, and voila! we can see the position, heading, speed and acceleration of all of the LRT trains as well as all the cars on the road nearby. We even tracked ELA during the recent autonomous vehicle trial in Calgary. In that moment, our we founded City Fibre as a Sensor (CFaaS) on the idea that we adapt earth-science practices like geophysics to solve urban problems on a scale that is city wide. One of these problems is how to manage traffic and transit. GPS and microwave triangulation are much less accurate and reliable than we might think – have someone view your Map app as you drive and watch it jump around and we see DAS as a high accuracy alternative that never drops out. Right now, we are developing an app that gives the position, heading, speed and acceleration for all LRT trains in Calgary no GPS dropouts! Our DAS app will soon give LRT operators train arrival times to the nearest second! For cars, DAS will inform variable speed limits that minimize traveltime, maximize fuel efficiency and help to prevent accidents. For the environment, can we see a pothole form? Is global warming wakening our bridges? Also, we know how fast you are driving – should we mail a ticket you your house every time you exceed the speed limit?

Alternative and Augmentative Communication Systems
Margaux Keith,
Registered Speech-Language Pathologist


Margaux is a Registered Speech-Language Pathologist who works primarily in the area of Alternative/Augmentative Communication Systems with children with complex needs.   She work with children between the ages of 2 1/2 all the way up to 18.  The majority of the children that she works with have significant disabilities related to a variety of developmental or acquired diagnoses (e.g. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Brain Injury), and are not able to communicate using verbal speech.  Solutions range from paper books, to touch-access ipads, to use of head switches, eye gaze, and more.  Her role is to support matching the child’s language needs to the right system, and to provide intervention that will help them to become autonomous communicators.

Fitting in and Standing out at Work
Dr Derek Chapman,
Associate Professor, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, University of Calgary

We all want to belong. Figuring out how we accomplish that has been the subject of my research at the U of C over the past 15 years.   I will present some highlights and insights into person-organization fit and the antecedents and effects of fitting in at work.

Nerd Nite #41 Neon! – SOLD OUT

Our February event, Nerd Nite #41 – Neon, is happening at WURST:

When: Thursday, February 21, 2019 (Doors open at 6:00pm, talks start at 7:00pm)
Where: WURST (2437 4 St SW)
Tickets: $10 plus fees, SOLD OUT

This is an 18+ event.

Fun in the Produce Aisle: Bringing Big Food Marketing to Unprocessed Foods
Christine Elliot, PhD, Professor of Communication at the University of Calgary,
Canada Research Chair in Food Marketing, Policy, and Children’s Heath
Dr. Charlene Elliot

Dr. Charlene Elliot

Charlene Elliott has spent the last 15 years studying the marketing of processed foods to children, analyzing their (generally poor) nutritional quality, symbolic appeals and impact on children’s preferences and dietary habits. We know that marketing unhealthy foods to children is bad: indeed,  protecting children from the negative impact of such marketing is the premise of Bill S-228 (The Child Health Protection Act), which is currently under consideration in the Senate. But what about marketing healthy food to children? Marketing produce to children has become increasingly popular over the past decade, largely due to childhood obesity and the public health community’s push to “fight back” against the promotion of poorly nutritious foods. Part of this strategy is to apply Big Food marketing tactics to unprocessed foods, using character licensing and also ‘junk food’ appeals to make fruits and vegetables more desirable. While promoting healthy eating to children is a good thing, intriguing questions arise from the marketing strategies. Is it, in fact, ok to “Sell out” for fruits and vegetables as the FNV initiative commands? Do we really need Disney’s Belle to make kids eat bananas? What kind of child does this marketing imagine, and what kind of food literacy does this approach sell?  In this talk, I map the marketing produce to children according to three dominant techniques, and critically assess the implications of these ‘fun’ promotional strategies when it comes to children’s health, identity, and taste.

Pseudoislets: An Engineering Approach to Type 1 Diabetes
Yang Yu, Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, University of Calgary
Derek Toms, Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary


Dr Yang Yu and Derek Toms


What would you do if you had the power to break down biological matter, and reform it in a better way? In our talk, we will be exploring a novel approach of re-engineering cellular structures in the human body, and the impact this approach has on treatment for Type 1 Diabetes.

Have you ever wondered what sort of person actually wants to go to Mars? Stop wondering, and come find out!

Why Go to Mars?
Zac Trolley, Calgarian
Mr. Zac Trolley

Mr. Zac Trolley

Zac Trolley is a Calgarian that has set his sights on Mars. He has had a fascination with the Red Planet since he was a kid, and is taking steps to figure out for himself how to survive on Mars. In 2018 he spent 2 weeks in a Martian analog mission designed to teach people what it’s like to live and work on Mars. The Mars Desert Research Station is a remote outpost in the Utah dessert that has graduated hundreds of Martian analog astronauts, Zac among them. He will be speaking about his experience, why he choose Mars, and what the realities of living on Mars are.

Nerd Nite Calgary #40 – SOLD OUT

Come start the new year with a beer! And of course a side cup of knowledge…

When: Thursday, January 17, 2019 (Doors open at 6:00pm, talks start at 7:00pm)
Where: WURST (2437 4 St SW)
Tickets: $10 plus fees, SOLD OUT – Waitlist is  online here

This is an 18+ event.

Sweet Leaf or Reefer Madness: is cannabis pain medicine?
Lori Montgomery, Clinical Associate Professor, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary
Lori Montgomery

Lori Montgomery

Most people have a strong feeling about cannabis one way or the other — but what does the science tell us about its use as a pain medication? We’ll take a quick tour of the literature and try to find our way through the haze of claims for cannabis as a cure-all or the source of all evil.

Malled: Deciphering Shopping in Canada
Kit Dobson, Associate Professor Department of English, Languages, and Cultures, Mount Royal University

DSC_0072                                           Kit Dobson

Generally Kit Dobson hates malls. But he is fascinated by them, by their place in our society, by how we interact with them and how they end up in our books, movies and art. Over the last five-plus years, Kit has traveled across Canada’s malls and shopping spaces in order to try and understand them and the cultures that they help to create. From Chinook Centre in Calgary to the underground malls of Montreal and even up to the famous Walmart in Whitehorse, he looks at our culture of consumerism, and how malls are both shaped by their location and shape the cultures around them.

Extreme pregnancy: A case report of a pregnant native highlander trekking to Everest Base Camp (5300m)
Trevor Day, Associate Professor of Physiology, Mount Royal University

Photo Credit: Ken Imrie of Glass Beach Studios

Photo Credit: Ken Imrie of Glass Beach Studios

Over 40,000 people per year trek to Everest base camp (EBC), located at 5300m above sea level in the Nepal Himalaya range, home to some of the biggest mountain in the world. Ascending to high altitude is a profound stressor for native lowlanders due to reductions in available oxygen, leading to risk of acute mountain sickness. Native highlanders have evolved many physiological mechanisms to allow them to live, work and reproduce at altitudes that would be dangerous for lowlanders. In 2016, Dr. Day organized an expedition to EBC, where one of their Sherpa Guides was seven months pregnant. This pregnant guide ascended from 3400m, higher than most mountains around Canmore/Banff, to 5300m, where there is half the oxygen of sea level. On average during ascent, she performed ~5 hours of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per day, while the recommendations of pregnant lowlanders is half of that per week! This remarkable demonstration of the superimposition of native highlander physiology, high altitude physiology, pregnancy physiology and exercise pushes the boundaries of what we know is humanly possible!

Nerd Nite Calgary #39 – Carbon – SOLD OUT

Come join us for the last Nerd Nite of 2018!

When: Thursday, November 15, 2018 (Doors open at 6:00pm, talks start at 7:00pm)
Where: WURST (2437 4 St SW)
Tickets: SOLD OUT,  waitlist here

This is an 18+ event.


Why Us?! Backlash against Public Health Advertising Targeting Minorities

LeahLeah Hamilton, Associate Professor of Management and Human Resources, Mount Royal University

MohammedMohammed El Hazzouri, Associate Professor of Marketing, Mount Royal University

Public Health agencies often feature minority models in their advertising in an effort to persuade the featured minority groups to take on the health behaviors promoted by the advertisements. For many years, health communications experts assumed that these targeted methods were always effective. In our research, we show that this practice can create a backlash effect where minorities feel negatively stereotyped by such advertising. In our talk, we will present the results of four studies documenting this backlash effect. We will also discuss the directions of our future research on the topic.


“Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?”
Examining COPPA Compliance at Scale
Joel Reardon, University of Calgary

What’s happening behind the scenes when we run an app. It turns out a great number of ads and analytics companies are given access to sensitive data and frequently the only restraint is the technical limitations of the device itself. We build an automated system to run android apps and observe how they process and exfiltrate user data. We focus on a subset of children’s games in particular and find many potential violations of the U.S.’s COPPA law.


Nerd Nite Calgary #38 – Helium – SOLD OUT

If you aren’t napping or stuck staring at your own hands, come join us for some education and beers! It’s the day after cannabis legalization and we have the munchies for knowledge.

Also! If you are so inclined and in the Halloween spirit, come dressed in your niftiest costume. There will be at least one other nerd dressed up with you, I promise.

When: Thursday, October 18, 2018 (Doors open at 6:00pm, talks start at 7:00pm)
Where: WURST (2437 4 St SW)
Tickets: Sold out, waitlist here

This is an 18+ event.


Into the Weeds of Cannabis Regulation: 10 Things You Need to Know
Lorian Hardcastle, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law and Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary

Lorian Hardcastle

This presentation will take you on a whirlwind tour of the new rules on cannabis, including who can purchase it, how much can be grown at home, where it can be purchased, where it can be consumed, and what products can be purchased.  It will also provide key information for different stakeholder groups, including tenants, employees, drivers, and medical users.

Fake it till you make it? Understanding Faking Behavior and Perceptions in Job Interviews
Josh Bourdage, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Calgary
Tim Wingate, PhD Student, Department of Psychology, University of Calgary

Josh PhotoJosh Bourdage

TWingate HeadshotTim Wingate

Job interviews are used nearly universally as a way to hire people for jobs. Ideally, companies want to be able to pick the best people who will be the best fit for the job and the company. From the applicant side, the interviewee is looking for an edge and typically trying to do their best to land the job. One prominent aspect of the interview is applicant faking during the interview, with many applicants faking to try and get the job, and interviewers using their perceptions of faking to guide their evaluations of the applicant. In this talk, we discuss the ways that applicants fake, how prevalent this behavior is, who and when people are most likely to fake, and the factors that impact whether an interviewer detects or perceives faking.

What really annoys me about dinosaurs in the movies
Donald Henderson, Curator of Dinosaurs, Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology

DonH_Elasmosaurus0117Donald Henderson

Dinosaurs have featured in animated films and motion pictures almost from the beginning of the art forms, and have proven to be consistent box office winners. However, despite our exponential increase in our knowledge of dinosaurs over the past 50 years, film makers and animators regularly go far outside biological and physical reality when presenting these animals (and other extinct beasts). I will highlight the top five of my many gripes about how dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures are presented in movies, and give the reasons why the portrayals are just not plausible (and make me cringe).

SOLD OUT – Nerd Nite Calgary #37 – Hydrogen!

Road Closures and Parking Constraints... all for a good nerdy cause!
We were given a heads-up that there may be some road closures around Wurst for Nerd Nite due to… Beakerhead! Four to Six will be happening on 4 St from 23 Ave down to 26 Ave (Wurst is right in the middle of that zone). There will be a bunch of nerdy, sciencey, goodness happening around Wurst so feel free to come early to check it out. Also keep in mind parking issues, etc. in the area. Four to Six will be happening Wed, Thur, and Friday (Sept 19-21) from, you guessed it, 4pm to 6pm.

The first Nerd Nite of the season is coming up quick! What better way to start the new school year than with a bit of learning and drinking?

When: Thursday, September 20, 2018 (Doors open at 6:00pm, talks start at 7:00pm)
Where: WURST (2437 4 St SW)
Tickets: Sold out, waitlist here

This is an 18+ event.


Octopuses are the real chameleons
Jennifer Mather, Ph.D., University of Lethbridge


Octopuses are the real chameleons.  They can look like anything they want to, and they have a whole skin chromatophore system to do this.  Mostly they want not to be seen, blending into the background with colours, textures and postures to match.  Sometimes they want to be seen, they can startle you away by changing how they look really fast.  Some of them can put blue warning circles on their skin; good thing, as they are deadly poisonous.  Once in a while they can use the skin patterns to signal their sex to each other, mostly it’s probably chemical cues.  Best of all, they are colour blind, so they can’t see what they produce.  How do they do that, and why?  I’ll speculate.

Exploration of Canada’s Deepest Cave
Katie Graham, Cave Explorer and Expedition Leader


An overview of the discovery of Bisaro Anima cave and the exploration that has proven it to be Canada’s deepest cave.

Transport Planning / ELA
Andrew Sedor, Business Development Coordinator in Transportation at the City of Calgary
Dan Fox, Leader of The City’s Electric Vehicle Strategy

AndrewAndrew Sedor

New transportation technology helps shape cities. For over 100 years, Calgary and cities across the globe have been shaped by the automobile. Planning transportation around the automobile has allowed people to live further away from their work and gave rise to most of the urban form in the modern world. New transportation technologies are expected to continue to change cities.

Over the past decade, increased computing power, smart phones and technological discoveries have enabled the development of technologies that were once in the realm of science fiction. While cities cannot predict the future, there are major technological and social trends occurring in transportation. Autonomy, electrification, connectivity and shared mobility are predicted to impact transportation over the upcoming decades.

Andrew Sedor, from The City of Calgary Transportation Department, will be talking about how these future technologies may impact cities, and what the City of Calgary is doing to prepare. Andrew is currently leading one of Canada’s first autonomous vehicle pilots, and is leading the City’s living labs initiative.

SOLD OUT – Nerd Nite #36 Season 4, Episode 9… Finally, The Season Finale!

Come join us at WURST for our last Nerd Nite of the season! This Season Finale is sure to be a cliff hanger…

When: Thursday, June 14th , 2018
Where: WURST (2437 4 St SW)
Tickets: Sold out! Wait list here
This is an 18+ event.


Everything you never knew you wanted to know about radon, gas, radiation and you
Dr. Aaron Goodarzi, University of Calgary, Canada Research Chair for Radiation Exposure Disease

Most of us have learned a degree of ‘fear’ surrounding (ionizing) radiation and the diseases connected to exposure, typically from popular culture, more spectacular historical events or word of mouth. However, exactly *why* we should be concerned, and also the surprising nature of the radiation sources that we should and also should not be worried about, is often missed from this conversation. In this evenings talk, you will learn the answers to all of these questions, as well as how scientists are figuring out who are the hidden superheroes amongst us, how studying the air of basements can help us colonize space and why working in a nuclear power plant can sometimes save your life.

Colours of the Brain
Dave Siever, CEO of Mind Alive Inc.


Once upon a time EEGs could only show squiggly lines that a researcher or clinician “oohed and aahed” at, not knowing quite what to make of these elusive & exciting brain wave events. However, with the advent of the quantification of brain wave activity over time, computer algorithms allowed researchers and clinicians to view beautiful and colorful images of brain activity that goes far beyond what can be gleaned from squiggly lines. This technique is termed quantified EEG or qEEG. QEEG enables us the ability to identify and treat a wide variety of brain/behavioral conditions including depression, several types of anxiety, OCD, ADD, ADHD, dementia, brain injuries from hits to the head, viral infections, strokes and more.

The Chemistry of the World’s Smallest Sponges
George Shimizu,  University of Calgary. Co-Founder, ZoraMat Solutions Inc.

Many global challenges, from desalinating water to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, come down to bringing about some form of separation in an energy efficient manner. Our research concerns making new solid materials with regular pores and channels on the nanometer scale. On this scale, the cavities are on the order of individual molecules and the ability to separate targets becomes very selective. In this talk I will present some of the techniques we use to prove the structure of materials and how they work followed by some of the global challenges where a better means of separating molecules is needed. Finally, I will mention some of our very successful work on using these little molecular sponges to selectively and efficiently remove carbon dioxide from gas streams.


Nerd Nite #35 – SOLD OUT

Come join us at WURST for our 35th Nerd Nite in Calgary! Season 4, Episode 8!

When: Thursday, May 17th , 2018
Where: WURST (2437 4 St SW)
Tickets: $10 online + fees Sold out. Sign up for the waitlist here.
This is an 18+ event.


The Brain Imaging Revolution: What’s coming down the Pike?

Bruce Pike, PhD, University of Calgary

Innovations during the past 30 years have created unprecedented windows onto the living human brain and have revolutionized medical care and neuroscience research.  In this presentation I will touch upon many of the great brain imaging milestones, discuss their impact on basic and clinical neuroscience, and muse about the future.

Donald J. Trump Goes to Leadership School

James StauchJames Stauch, Director of the Institute for Community Prosperity at MRU

The set-up: As the siren Stormy draws the great leader of the American empire to crash upon the rocks and relinquish his power, he stands on the precipice, clinging to the mast, confessing to the wind that he might have a problem.  Appealing to the heavens for one last chance to redeem himself, his call is answered:  He is instructed by a chorus of winged former world leaders – Gandhi, Mandela, MLK – caregiver social reformers – Nightengale, Fry, Sanger, Barton – and, among many others, an obscure Saskatchewan preacher named Tommy Douglas – that he must check himself in to “leadership rehab”.  We’ll be flies on the wall, as we witness Trump’s wrenching but powerful journey of self- and world-discovery.


What’s in your beer? The botany behind our food and beverages

Jana Vamosi, PhD, University of Calgary

Cultivated ingredients in our food and beverages originate in nature. This Nerd Nite will cover how scientists discover, describe, and monitor plant species, and then focus on species often used to make beer.

Prepare for the WURST! NNYYC #34 – SOLD OUT

In case you didn’t know, we are MOVING! Come join us at our new location, WURST. Where else can you get a beer, a sausage, and an education?

With half price tickets, happy hour pricing, and plenty of swag giveaways… you better be prepared to get these tickets quick! Sale starts March 20th at 6pm.

When: Thursday, April 19th, 2018 (Doors open at 6:00pm)
Where: WURST (2437 4 St SW)
Tickets: SOLD OUT – click here for wait list

This is an 18+ event.


Explorations at the Extremes of Embodiment
Ian MacNairn, Extreme Jogger and researcher in anthropology and medicine, University of Calgary

Ian MacNairn

Photo credit: Bookstrucker Photography

Ian’s own path in the world of extreme endurance and exploration came through accident. His first steps as a trail-runner announced the end of his recovery from a near-fatal injury. Ian pursued rehabilitation through running as a health scientist, using his case to study the physiological, mental, and social transformations that occur in pursuit of ultra-endurance. This initial project only resulted in more questions and curiosity encouraging further research and exploration. Over the past decade, Ian has explored embodiment in trail and ultrarunning through observing, interviewing, and participating with runners around the world. Ian’s current work is a novel exploratory study of the community and culture that is formed and developed through sport. TheUltra Ethnography is one of the broadest and largest project on trail and ultrarunning to-date, with a sample of over 3,500 participants representing 49 countries and six continents. At Nerd Nite, Ian shares his story of exploration and experimentation in the embodiment of endurance.

How the promise of immutable trust via the blockchain is set to transform our future days (and nights)
Mike Warf, leader of the Digital Services team for the University of Lethbridge

mike warf

Cryptocurrency (and Bitcoin in particular) has been the subject of a lot media buzz in the past 6 months – from “get rich quick” Bitcoin Billionaires, to bubbles and bullshit. Join Michael Warf (armchair Bitcoin investor) as we discover the real value of blockchain technology, the potential transformation of daily life, and how regulation just might poop the party.

Nerd Nite Calgary #33 – SOLD OUT

Come join us at the Wild Rose Brewery for our 33rd Nerd Nite in Calgary! Season 4, Episode 6!

When: Thursday, March 15, 2018 (Doors open at 6:30pm)
Where: Wild Rose Brewery
Tickets: $10 online + fees – Sold Out (Wait list enabled)
This is an 18+ event.


Were monks naughty, perverted, or just bored? Reading medieval manuscripts
Dr. Kenna Olsen, Associate Professor, Mount Royal University


From the “penis tree,” to the “flying penis monster,” to lots and lots of bums, medieval manuscripts abound with illustrations that range from the obscene to the obscure. I’ll provide some of the best and least known medieval illustrations, and talk through what they say about those who produced them hundreds of years ago, and why some of them still matter today.


Pooping, Privacy, and Propriety
Dr. Nestar Russell, Department of Sociology, University of Calgary

Nestar 2017 (1)

There are many common, yet socially invisible behaviours that occur in public washrooms. These activities are frequently relied upon, but very rarely acknowledged of discussed. For example, why do people utilize the courtesy flush? Why do others crumple toilet paper in their hands as they defecate? Before heading into a cubicle for a “number two”, why do some people – particularly women – turn on the faucet? Also, why do we so commonly rely on euphemistic language when discussing our time in the toilet – sorry, restroom. Using the quirky but rather eye-opening sociological theory of Norbert Elias – whom Harvard scholar Steven Pinker describes as “the most important thinker you have never heard of” – this talk will explore the private habits of public bathrooms, in relation to the social history of manners.


How bacteria poop could save your life
Dr. Ian Lewis, Assistant Professor and Alberta Innovates Translational Health Chair in the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary

Ian Lewis

How bacteria poop could save your life: the dawning of a new era in fighting infections.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are a serious problem. Effective drugs for treating common infections are a cornerstone of modern medicine and the invasion of drug resistant organisms poses a serious threat to global health. If left unchecked, microbial drug resistance will eventually cause Canadian life expectancies to drop by more than 20 years and will make many modern medical practices, including hip replacement surgery, chemotherapy, and organ transplant too risky to perform. Finding an immediate solution to this crisis is our moral imperative to ensure that future generations will benefit from modern medical practices. Recently, an international team lead by the University of Calgary have uncovered a surprising new tool in the fight against drug resistant organisms: bacteria poop. This Nerd Nite talk will take brave audience members along the unexpected journey that is transforming prokaryote poop into the newest weapon in the fight against infections.

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