Nerd Nite #46 is happening at WURST on September 19th:

When: Thursday, September 19, 2019 (Doors open at 6:00pm, talks start at 7:00pm)
Where: WURST (2437 4 St SW)
Tickets: $10 plus fees – tickets

This is an 18+ event.


Presentation # 1:

Do you really know where you are?

Martin Pratt, Director, Bordermap Consulting

In the age of GPS and Google Earth, it may come as a surprise that the alignment of many international boundaries remains uncertain. This talk will explore the challenges of locating positions on a lumpy planet and highlight some of the geopolitical consequences of imperfect mapmaking.


Martin is a geographer, cartographer and map nerd. He works with governments around the world to resolve territorial disputes and establish clearly-defined and well-managed international boundaries.

Presentation # 2:

Consonance and Dissonance: A Brief Look at the Overtone Series and Math in Music. AKA Why stuff sounds good

Blake Doucet-Lewis

Sounds in Music can be wonderful one moment and gut-wrenching painful the next, but what makes sounds good or bad?

Blake (1)
Blake has been teaching, composing, and performing music for over 15 years. His area of speciality is in piano, violin, composition, and theory with an interest in fusing medieval and renaissance sounds with more modern harmonies.

Presentation # 3:

Arrow’s Theorem, or why we won’t ever have a good election system

Joel Reardon, Assistant Professor, University of Calgary

Elections with more than two candidates always produce weird strategic voting; it turns out this can never be fixed. We’ll see why.


I am a computer science professor who primarily researches security and privacy issues related to mobile devices.
See you all there!