Nerd Nite #51 is canceled

Yes, yes we know. Risk in Alberta is still rated at Low for COVID-19.

This decision is not based on the craziness that is gripping the world right now. Our decision is based on keeping close contact with groups of people to a minimum. We don’t know where the people that we, Wurst’s staff, Wurst’s patrons or you the audience has been in contact with. We want to make sure we give the health care system here the time they need to deal with the likely sh*t show that is about to happen. We also want to make sure we keep the risk for the most vulnerable (the elderly, etc.) as low as we can. We can’t make much of a difference but we can make some. Every little bit helps.

Refunds will be heading out soon.

Lastly, we hope on Thursday night you will sit in front of your computer/phone/TV and watch something that educates you. Frank will be cracking open a Corona (because it’s tasty) and doing a clean version of his legendary opening bits to his 6 and 8-year-old.


Cheers and hopefully we’ll see you in April.

Frank, Krysta, Joey, Jason, Lisa, and Bill

Nerd Nite Calgary