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Tickets for Nerd Nite Tau go on sale Tuesday, August 23 at 6 PM. Topics include lightning, LSD research limitations, and the Internet of things. Be there and be square!

When: Thursday, September 15, 2016 – Doors open @ 6:30 – Event starts around 7pm
Where: The Wild Rose Brewery Taproom
Tickets: $10 online  SOLD OUT

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This is an 18+ event.


Curing Alcoholism with LSD:
Mysticism and Myth in the History of LSD psychotherapy

Dr. Matthew Oram, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Calgary

Psychedelic therapyResearch exploring the therapeutic potential of psychedelics is making a significant comeback in North America, and has been the subject of considerable media attention. Psychedelic research had its previous heyday in the 1950s and 1960s, but came to a close amid turmoil surrounding the increasing recreational use of the drugs. Psychedelic research is therefore a field in close conversation with its past. In this presentation, I will challenge some myths surrounding the history of LSD psychotherapy research, and explore the theory, method, and effectiveness of the most heavily researched form of treatment: “psychedelic therapy” for chronic alcoholism.

What is the Internet of Things?
Why do I need to connect cat poop to the Internet?

Dr. Steve Liang, Associate Professor, University of Calgary

In the near future, millions to billions of small sensors and actuators will be embedded in real-world objects and connected to the Internet forming the Internet of Things (IoT). The basic premise of the IoT is that everyday objects or devices can sense their environment, collect information, and communicate and interact with each other. The changing nature of smart, connected “things” is disrupting value chains and will force organizations to rethink and retool nearly everything they do internally in order to stay competitive. In this talk, Dr. Steve Liang will introduce the Internet of Things concept, example applications, and opportunities.

Lightning: What It Is And How Not To Get Killed By It
Simon Larter, Dobbyn Electrical Services Ltd.

Every year, lightning strikes Canada once for every ten or so Canadians, and the southern Alberta foothills region is one of the most lightning-prone in the country. It stands to reason, then, that educated Calgarians should know a little something about the phenomenon, and how to protect themselves from it (spoiler alert:  don’t go outside during thunderstorms). This presentation explores the basics of lightning and lightning safety, and has the added bonus of including tons of really cool lightning photos.

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