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Nerd Nite Delta is going to be epic, folks. Check out our amazing speakers and great new location with Calgary’s best microbrew!

When: Thrusday November 20th, 2014 @ 7pm
Where: The Wild Rose Brewery Taproom

Tickets: $10 online or $15 at the door
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This is an 18+ event.


Sustainable Space Settlement: How we can “live off the land” …in space.
Bryan VersteegSpaceHabs

Bryan Versteeg

Bryan Versteeg

Will there come a day when more people live off of the earth than on it? Bryan will talk about why he thinks that’s a good idea, and how it could happen. Bryan Versteeg is a self professed nerd/geek/artist hybrid who works as a conceptual designer with 20 years of experience in the architectural and engineering industries. The images and design work from his studio Spacehabs.com are regularly featured in publications like National Geographic, New Scientist and Discovery Channel in support of space exploration and settlement projects. Bryan is the concept designer for Mars One and one of the founders of the space resources company Deep Space Industries.

The Museum as Music Festival
Tyler Stewart from Calgary’s National Music Centre

Tyler Stewart

When you think of a visit to a museum, what do you picture in your head? Most times, it’s a quiet place of inner contemplation, but the new National Music Centre (NMC) aims to thrill visitors with an experience more like a music festival than a museum. NMC exhibitions manager Tyler Stewart tells us about bringing musical stories to life in a dynamic and compelling way that will change visitors’ expectations of what a museum can be like.

What places make Calgarians happy?
John Lewis from Intelligent Futures and #happyyc

John Lewis from Intelligent Futures

John Lewis

Most of the time, discussion about the evolution of Calgary is focused on the negative and the controversial. This isn’t unique to Calgary and is indicative of the challenges of city-building everywhere. While this kind of debate and dialogue is essential in a democracy, it’s important to reflect on what is working well. That’s why John and his team created the #happyyc project. Hear what they learned after taking to the streets of Calgary and online, asking Calgarians to map the places that make them happy.